Egypt Entry Visa for Sudanese

Egypt has recently implemented changes to its entry visa requirements for Sudanese citizens. This alteration, which took effect on June 10, 2023, signifies a reversal of the previous visa exemption policy for certain groups of Sudanese nationals, including children, women, and individuals over the age of 50. 

The shift in policy is a response to various factors, including ongoing conflicts in Sudan and concerns regarding illegal activities at the border. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the specifics of Egypt's new entry visa regulations for Sudanese citizens, explore the rationale behind this decision, and provide step-by-step instructions on obtaining an Egyptian visa.


The decision to revoke the visa exemption policy for Sudanese citizens occurs amid a protracted conflict in Sudan, involving prominent figures such as Army General Al Burhane and paramilitary commander Dagalo. Tragically, this conflict has resulted in substantial casualties, with over 1,800 individuals losing their lives, as reported by the NGO Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project. Furthermore, the United Nations has disclosed that nearly two million people have been displaced due to the conflict, and approximately 476,000 have sought refuge in neighboring countries.

Reasons for Reversal

The Egyptian government has cited several compelling reasons for reversing the visa exemption policy:

1. Crackdown on Illegal Activities

Egypt has expressed concerns about the prevalence of illegal activities, including fraud, at the border. The introduction of visa requirements for all Sudanese citizens is seen as a proactive measure to enhance border security and mitigate the occurrence of such illicit activities.

2. Management of Increased Influx

Egypt has extended a warm welcome to a significant number of Sudanese nationals, estimated at approximately 200,000 individuals. The reversal of the visa exemption policy is aimed at facilitating a more controlled and efficient management of Sudanese citizens entering Egypt.

Visa Requirements and Application Process

Who Needs a Visa?

All citizens of neighboring Sudan, regardless of age or gender, are now obligated to obtain a visa before crossing the Egyptian border.

Visa Application Process

Sudanese citizens intending to travel to Egypt should follow this step-by-step visa application process:

1. Visit an Egyptian Consulate

Applicants must initiate the visa application process by visiting the nearest Egyptian consulate in Sudan.

2. Complete the Visa Application Form

Upon arrival at the consulate, applicants will be required to complete a Egypt visa application form, which typically solicits personal information, travel details, and the purpose of the visit.

3. Provide Supporting Documents

Applicants should submit essential supporting documents along with their application. These documents may include a valid passport, a letter of invitation (if applicable), proof of accommodation arrangements, and evidence of financial means to cover their stay in Egypt.

4. Pay the Visa Fee

A visa processing fee is typically applicable, and applicants should inquire about the specific fee structure at the consulate.

5. Attend an Interview (if necessary)

In certain cases, applicants may be required to attend an interview at the consulate to provide additional information or clarify their purpose of travel.

6. Wait for Visa Processing

The consulate will process the visa application, which may take several days. Therefore, applicants are strongly advised to apply well in advance of their intended travel date.

7. Collect the Visa

Upon approval of the visa application, applicants will be notified, and they can then collect their visas from the consulate.


In response to the ongoing conflict in Sudan and concerns regarding illegal activities at the border, Egypt has reversed its visa exemption policy for Sudanese citizens. This comprehensive guide outlines the updated entry visa requirements and provides detailed steps for Sudanese travelers to obtain an Egyptian visa. With Egypt's consulates in Sudan equipped with the necessary electronic devices, the new visa regulations aim to ensure an orderly entry process for Sudanese citizens and enhance border security.






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