Continue Your Ongoing Egypt eVisa application

The Egypt eVisa portal offers a convenient feature that allows applicants to pause and resume their Egypt visa application at any stage. This ensures maximum flexibility and ease in managing the application process.

How it works?

If completing your eVisa application in one sitting isn't possible, don't fret. This page allows you to resume exactly where you left off.

The process is intentionally made simple:

  1. Upon starting your application, you'll receive a temporary application ID, sent to the email address you provided.
  2. Enter your Temporary Application ID.
  3. Complete or review your partially filled form.
  4. Next, you'll encounter a text-based CAPTCHA challenge. 

After following these steps, click the "Complete Partially Filled" button. You will be redirected to your incomplete application form, where you can finalise your submission.



Yes, the portal allows you to pause and resume your application using the temporary application ID sent to your email.

It's a unique identifier assigned to your application when you start the process, used to resume it if it pauses. An example would be EG0000707SRY.

Completing the CAPTCHA challenge as part of the process is crucial for safeguarding your application against potential online threats.

Ensure you check your email's spam or junk folder. You may need to restart the application process or contact support for assistance if it still needs to be added.

Yes, you can review and amend any information in your partially filled form before finalising your submission.


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