Egypt Visa for USA citizens

If you are a resident of the united states and have been thinking lately about going to Egypt then this is all the information that you need to know before going on your trip.

To visit Egypt you must have a visa issued. There are a few types of visas that are available for short-term visits to Egypt including the e-Visa facility now also available online for more than 180 countries including the US.

Here on this page, we will tell you all about what you will need to apply for Egypt visa and how the process for the visa goes.

Visiting Egypt.

Egypt is a country located in Africa and is quite known worldwide for having beautiful sights. Egypt is a country that has existed for thousands of years and because of this, it houses many ancient objects in its museums along with the sphinx, and the pyramids of Giza are also in Egypt.

All around the world, people are interested in visiting this beautiful country and now with Egypt's new visa policies, going there has become quite relatively easy for citizens of the US. The demand for visiting Egypt has increased more and more over the years.

With the introduction of the e-Visa offered by Egypt, there is a list of countries that are considered eligible to apply for the e-Visa and the US is one of them.

Egypt Visas are available for US citizens.

Although there are many types of visas available for US citizens, the e-Visa still ranks as one of the top ones for being issued effortlessly. there are all kinds of visas available for Egypt including visas that can allow you to stay in the country for up to five years If you want to study, work or accompany a relative that resides in Egypt.

Egypt e-Visa.

After Egypt's popularity came to rise and attracted thousands of foreigners worldwide wanting to visit Egypt. Keeping all of this in mind, the government of Egypt launched its e-Visa system and added up to forty countries initially that were deemed eligible for applying for an e-Visa. Now there are more than 180 countries on the list of countries eligible for an e-Visa.

The e-Visa has solved many issues for applicants worldwide. With the help of an e-Visa, you can apply for an Egypt visa completely online. The e-Visa grants you 30 day stay in Egypt and provides both, a single entry visa and multiple entry visas. The e-Visa is mostly used for tourism, visiting a relative, or business intentions.

Egypt Tourist Visa

The Egypt tourist visa is applied for normally through the consulate or embassy. The tourist visa takes longer to process than the e-Visa.

Egypt Accompany a Relative Visa

The accompanying relative Visa exists to assist in helping the parents, children o,r spouses of the people residing in Egypt live with them until their work in Egypt is done.

Egypt Diplomatic Visa

This Visa is only for those who hold a diplomatic passport, the visa for diplomats is free of cost.

Egypt Medical attention Visa

The medical attention Visa exists for aiding in the treatment of people that wish to travel to Egypt to seek medical help.

Egypt Work Visa

The work Visa exists to accommodate people that have got a job in a company or organization that is located in Egypt.

There are many documents required to apply for a work visa including organizational documents as well.

Egypt Student Visa

The student visa aids in letting the student live in Egypt until their course of education chosen is fully completed

There is a lot of documentation needed to be done for the student visa. Your institute of choice has to first accept you as a student for the student visa to be issued

Egypt Visit a relative Visa

Visiting a relative Visa exists for letting people come to Egypt to meet their family members or friends

Egypt Business or invest Visa

The business or invest Visa exists in helping those that wish to invest in a business located in Egypt, or attend meetings conventions seminars.

There are a few more visas that can be offered to us citizens, but these are the top most used ones mentioned above.

Information about the visa for Egypt

Just like how you can request a passport urgently, you can also request a visa like this, although this does not apply to an e-Visa. The processing fee for all these three is different. the types of processes of visa issuance are:

Normal Visa

The normal visa takes up to 20 days to get issued.

Urgent Visa

The urgent visa will take 13-18 days to get issued.

Super urgent Visa

The super urgent visa will take 7-15 days to get issued.

There are two types of visas issued, single entry and multiple entries.

Single entry visa

With a single entry visa, you can only enter the country of Egypt once. The single-entry visa is valid for up to 90 days after getting issued.

Multiple entry visa

With a multiple-entry visa, you can enter Egypt a lot times as you want until you have exceeded the duration of stay on your visa or your Visa expires. The multiple entry visa is valid for 6 months after getting issued.

The e-Visa takes 7-10 days to get issued.

The visa takes 10-20 days to get issued.

All types of visas except for transit visas offer both, multiple entry visas and single entry visas.

You can ask for an extension of your stay in Egypt.

You can apply for the visa by post.

How to apply for a visa to Egypt

After you have received the form, you should fill out all the information that it's asking you to give. You should check if you have made any errors in spelling because any wrong information can lead to the rejection of your visa.

You should submit the Egypt visa fee.

You should attach all the documents that are mentioned in the form along with the receipt of your submission of the visa fee.

For the e-Visa, this process will be done online.

When Waiting for an e-Visa, you should know that the e-Visa is issued in the form of a pdf and sent through email. You can print it to present at the immigration counter when departing to Egypt.

Documents and information required for the Visa for Egypt.

When applying for a visa to Egypt you should check if you have all the necessary documents with you.

For an e-Visa, you will need:

  • Your passport, the Passports date of expiry should be later than six months and have a few blank pages left.
  • Your ID card number, date of issuance, and expiry, along with your name and date of birth.
  • Bank account number, and credit or debit card for submitting the fee.
  • Your guardians' contact reference along with their residence and email address if you are a handicapped person or s minor.
  • Your passport-sized photo.

For a visa of 3 months you will need:

  • Your name, gender, id card number, and its date of issuance with expiry.
  • Your passport number and the Passport should have two blank pages and not be expiring for half a year at least.
  • Your bank account details.
  • Your passport-sized photo.
  • Your relative's details such as home address and work information if you have applied for a visit a relative Visa.
  • Guardians' contact information if you are a minor or handicapped or seek to receive medical attention in Egypt.
  • Your place of accommodation information.
  • Documents of yourself including degrees, certificates, and any extracurricular activities if you have applied for a work or student visa.
  • For a work visa, you will need to submit documents about the company you will be working with as well.
  • For a student visa, you can only apply if you have passed the admission and the institution has accepted you and you have more than half a year's worth of tuition and residence fees in your bank account.

If you have all of the documents required by the government of Egypt and have provided the right information about you then you will not face any problems or hardships in your visa issuance process.

Frequently asked questions

No, even as a resident of the US, you will still require to hold a visa to go to the country of Egypt but luckily with the e-Visa you can get your Visa just a week before your trip or you can apply for a visa on arrival.

You can apply for an e-Visa at least 7-10 or a week before you visit Egypt. There are times when the e-Visa gets issued earlier than expected too.

No, you can not visit Egypt for tourism purposes on a Transit Visa.

The transit Visa has to be applied for manually through an embassy or consulate.

With the transit Visa, you will not be allowed to go outside of the airport in Egypt although you can shop around the airport there.

The transit Visa can be used for arriving at the airport in Egypt, and requesting a visa on arrival or transitioning between flights.

The fee of the visa or the e-Visa can vary on the different duration of time issued and the type of visa, for e.g, an urgent visa will cost you more than a normal visa but the super urgent visa will cost the most.

The single-entry visa is also cheaper than the multiple-entry visa.

The single entry visa for Egypt is 25 USD.

The multiple entry visa for Egypt is 60 USD.

If you wish to apply for a normal visa instead of an e-Visa, then you will need to apply for the Visa by submitting the documents manually.

You should collect the form from the embassy, and fill the form. After filling out the form you should attach the documents that are needed. After completing the documents, you should pay the fee for the visa and submit the documents along with it. The normal visa form can also be submitted by post.



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