Egypt Visa Requirements

Traveling to Egypt has become much easier and more affordable than ever before since the country introduced an electronic or web-based system to apply for a visa. It is called the electronic or e-Visa. However, at the moment, this option is available to citizens of the United Kingdom, Ireland, European Union countries, and Switzerland. Overall, citizens of around 70 countries can apply for an Egypt e-Visa.

The e-Visa has emerged as a viable and hassle-free solution to obtain a visa right from the comforts of your home or anywhere and get official permission to visit this outstanding destination. In this article, you will learn about the Egypt e-Visa requirements.

Documents needed to apply for an Egypt e-Visa

The immigration authorities and the foreign ministry of Egypt have set a well-defined criterion for documents needed to obtain an e-Visa to Egypt. Per the country's e-Visa policy, every traveler must obtain an e-Visa regardless of age. Even minors and children would need a visa to enter Egypt. The e-Visa has made everything convenient. You don't need to visit an embassy or consulate and go through the hassle of traveling for visa fees payment or document submissions. You only have to pay the visa fees, fill out an Egypt visa application form, and submit the required documents' scans to apply for the electronic visa formally.

Here are the details about all necessary documents before officially submitting an online e-Visa application.

Passport-Related Requirements

In order to be eligible for applying for an Egypt e-Visa, you will need a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity left in its expiration. The passport validity will be calculated from the day or date you arrive in Egypt. In case your passport is due to be expired during the time you are in Egypt or even a few months later, it is recommended that you apply for passport renewal and then apply for the e-Visa. If you apply with the same passport, your visa will not be valid, and you will be denied entry into Egypt.

You will need a passport to fill out the visa application form. Please ensure that the information matches both documents (visa application form and passport) to avoid confusion and verification problems. Additionally, you will upload a scanned image of your passport's biography page. You don't need to send the image via email or mail. It will be uploaded with the e-Visa application.

When you complete the visa form, you will be informed about how to upload the scan. Ensure the image is in full view and nothing is blocking the picture. Even if your thumb is visible in the image, the photo will not be accepted by the Egyptian immigration authorities. Another thing to watch out for is the text is visible clearly on the image.


What if you Don't have a Passport?

You may not be permitted to apply for an e-Visa without owning a passport. If you own an ID card, residence permit, or emergency passport, it is impossible to apply for an e-Visa. Please remember that you will need a visa to get an entry permit for traveling anywhere outside the European continent.

It is worth noting that citizens of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and Portugal can apply for an Egypt e-Visa using their ID in case they don't have a passport. But, their ID card must remain valid for six months after arriving in Egypt.

Itinerary Requisites

It is a compulsory requirement for an Egypt e-Visa that the traveler indicates a minimum of 1 overnight address after arriving in the country. This destination will be mentioned in their visa application form. However, please note that there's no need to book your overnight stay at a hotel or show a cruise/flight ticket when applying for the e-Visa. Moreover, there's no need to inform about your travel method also. Just ensure your stay remains within the Egypt e-Visa validity period.

Are You Unsure About your Arrival Date?

If you are unsure about the date you will enter Egypt, just enter an estimated traveling or arrival date. You can switch the date later, but please remember to keep it within the visa validity period. You can arrive up to four weeks earlier than your estimated arrival date mentioned in the application form. And ensure to leave Egypt at least 60 days after your estimated arrival date. With an e-Visa, travelers can stay in Egypt for about one month or thirty (30) days.

On-Arrival Itinerary

Always explain your travel itinerary or travel plans when arriving in Egypt. You will be asked to show your itinerary after arriving. Therefore, it is better to keep your plan ready to be shown. It can be on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or cellphone or a handwritten document. The idea is to provide necessary details on where you want to go in Egypt, bookings, reservation proofs, and stay addresses. The itinerary doesn't need to be detailed. Authorities will also ask for return flight ticket proof and booking confirmation for domestic travels by air and road if you intend to switch cities.

Where Will You Stay?

If you are staying at a hotel or resort, please show the booking or reservation proof in your itinerary details. On the other hand, if you stay with your family or friends in Egypt, you don't need to show a booking but a letter of invitation from your host in Egypt. Always get the letter well in advance before traveling to Egypt. This can be a digital or handwritten letter that contains the following information:

  • Complete name of the traveler or travelers in the group
  • Complete name of the host in Egypt
  • Complete address of the host

Egypt Electronic Visa Requirements

Check out what you will need to apply for an Egypt electronic visa.

  • A valid passport from any Egypt eVisa eligible country
  • A Debit card or Credit Card to process e-Visa fees
  • An Email ID where you want to receive the e-Visa after approval

Points to Note:

  • Egypt e-Visa is valid for tourism purposes only. Please apply through an embassy for work, business, or study in Egypt.
  • Travelers intending to board a connecting flight via an Egyptian airport must check if they will require a transit visa. Transit visa requirements depend solely on the passenger's layover length and nationality.
  • After the e-Visa is issued, the traveler has three months to enter Egypt. Once this time passes, the visa will be declared invalid, and you will apply for a new visa to enter Egypt.
  • The Egypt e-Visa allows you to stay in the country for thirty days. This is a single-entry travel permit, but you may also apply for a multiple-entry visa.
  • Some nationalities are eligible to apply for an e-Visa extension. If you want to extend your visa validity date, please get in touch with the Egyptian immigration authorities.
  • Citizens of Bahrain, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Macao, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates can stay visa-free from 14 to 90 days in Egypt. Don't hesitate to contact the authorities regarding how long you can visit visa-free in Egypt, as these policies are subject to change.



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