Egypt Visa for German citizens

If you have been thinking of visiting Egypt, then you have come to the right place.

Here we will tell you all about the Visas that Egypt has to offer to German citizens, and how you can apply for them accordingly.

Types of Visas for Egypt offered to citizens of Germany.

There are many types of Egypt visas that are offered to German citizens to travel to Egypt.

You should check which type of visa is the most suitable for you.

Lately, the e-Visa has been on the rise with its easiness to apply even the government of Egypt encourages e-Visa more to tourists. But there are many other Visas available as well for different conditions, These Visas are :

Egypt e-Visa.

The e-Visa facility was launched in Egypt and consisted of 40 countries that were deemed eligible to apply for an e-Visa to Egypt. Currently, in the list of countries eligible for traveling to Egypt, there are 180 countries with Germany being one of them.

The e-Visa is a visa for those who wish to travel to Egypt for a short period, mainly 30 days, although the Egypt visa extension can be applied on an e-Visa. The e-Visa is also available in both single-entry visas and multiple-entry visas. The e-Visa is applied online and it gets issued about a week after your application is submitted.

The e-Visa is the easiest visa available in Egypt that is also issued in the shortest amount of time by the government. The e-Visa process is done online including the fees and issuance of the e-Visa.

Egypt tourist visa.

The Egypt tourist visa is the same as an e-Visa for Egypt, except it's applied by post or in person through the consulate or embassy of Egypt in Germany.

Egypt visiting a relative visa.

The visiting a relative Visa is issued to those that wish to go to Egypt to visit their relatives that reside there. Visiting a relative Visa is issued manually.

Egypt transit Visa.

The Egypt transit Visa is issued to those that wish to transit between their flights or request a visa after arriving in Egypt.

The transit Visa is issued through an embassy or consulate.

Egypt business or invest Visa

The Egypt business or investment Visa is issued to those that want to travel there to attend a seminar, conference, meeting, or convention or simply want to invest in a business that's operating in Egypt.

If you wish to come to Egypt for operating or investing a business you will need to provide many other documents along with the usual documents to get your Visa issued.

Egypt medical treatment visa

Egypt medical treatment visa is granted to someone that is going to get medical treatment or help done in the country of Egypt.

You will need to provide additional documents such as guardian information and health condition to get your medical treatment visa for Egypt issued.

Egypt works visa

The Egypt work visa can be issued to anyone that has received a job offer from a company that is located in Egypt and can provide the paperwork and assists you in applying for the work visa.

You need many more documents than general, such as your medical history, insurance, and educational records to submit to get the work visa issued.

The work visa can let you stay for as long as your job is finished in Egypt.

Egypt student Visa

The student visa can let you go to Egypt to study any subject, class, or field.

For a student visa, you will need to apply to the institution of your choice and after you are accepted you can apply for this visa.

Egypt diplomatic Visa

The Egyptian government only issues the diplomatic Visa to those who are diplomats or are the immediate family of diplomats.

A diplomatic passport is required to apply for a diplomatic Visa to Egypt.

There is no fee for a diplomatic Visa.

Egypt accompanying a relative Visa.

The accompanying relative Visa assists in helping out the spouses, children, or parents of people who are residing in Egypt because of work, studies, or business purposes and wish to live with them until their work ends.

You can get up to 5 years stay in Egypt with accompanying a relative Visa.

Why visit Egypt?

In a world filled with beauty, Egypt stands as one of the top beautiful countries to exist. With a history going back hundreds of years to the time of the kings and pharaohs, Egypt is rich in history. One of the world's top museums is also located in Egypt housing many ancient objects on display for the crowd.

Recently, Egypt's gained even more popularity among tourists for being a friendly country for foreigners and having great cuisine, sightseeing, and adventuring places to cruise upon. Egypt was even ranked among the world's top 10 countries to go to back in 2018, because of this, there are over hundreds of german citizens that travel to Egypt every year for tourism.

Egypt's known for its pyramids of Giza, sphinx, tombs of many of the kings that ruled over the country many many years ago, and thousands of historical monuments.

If you are someone that is fascinated by all these aspects of the country then you should give traveling to Egypt a chance and see where the vast Egyptian horizon takes you.

Types of processing of visa available for Egypt.

There are three main types of processes available for issuing visas, this does not apply to the e-Visa. The three types of visa processing are:

Normal Visa Processing.

The normal visa processing takes up to 20 days. The standard visa fee is subjected to this type of visa processing.

Urgent Visa Processing.

The urgent visa processing takes up to 15-17 days. When applying for the urgent visa process, you will be subjected to pay more than the standard visa fee.

Super Urgent Visa Processing.

The super urgent Visa takes up to 12-15 days. The super urgent visa process requires you to pay more fees for the visa than the normal, and urgent visa processing fee.

Single entry visa vs multiple entry visa - which one is the right choice for you?

The e-Visa and normal visa are available in two categories of visa which are single entry visas and multiple entry visas. Both of these visa types allow you different amounts of time of entering and exiting Egypt.

Single entry visa.

With a single entry visa, you can visit Egypt one time. If you enter Egypt one time with this type of visa, the purpose of the visa is fulfilled even if you stay for A very small amount of time. With a single entry visa, you can request a Visa extension. If you only plan on traveling to Egypt once, then the single entry visa or e-Visa is the right choice for you.

Multiple entry visa.

With the multiple entry visa, you can visit Egypt many times until your visa's date of expiry arrives or you complete the number of days you are allowed to stay in Egypt. With a multiple-entry visa, you can request for visa extension. If you want to travel to Egypt multiple times or are considering opening a business or investing in Egypt then you should consider applying for a multiple-entry visa.

Applying for the Visa.

Applying for a visa to Egypt is an easy process if you are doing it online but even if you are applying for the visa manually, All you have to do is follow these steps and submit the application with the documents that are asked in the form.

  • Your ID card, its date of issuance, and date of expiry along with your ID card number and full name, and date of birth.
  • Passport number, and date of expiry along with issuance.
  • Bank information, statement.
  • Email address.
  • Cellphone number.
  • Passport-sized photograph.
  • Guardians information in case of emergency (for minors and handicapped)
  • Place of accommodations address.
  • Additional documents might be needed depending on the type of visa you have asked for. Additional documents may include educational records, health insurance, and medical records.
  • You can apply for a visa manually by post.
  • You will need to submit the visa fee to submit the visa form.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can request a visa quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you are a German citizen, you will need to present a visa to go to Egypt. The e-Visa is easy to get in just a week but there are so many other visas available to your country as well, you can easily choose the one for your type of visit and apply.

The e-Visa is in a pdf format and sent to you by email as you have written in your form. You can print it in black and white format to present in immigration, and keep the pdf file on your smartphone and tablet or laptop PC.

You will need to apply for a visa to Egypt for your child as well, even if they are a minor. Luckily, for the e-Visa, there is a way for you to apply your application in a group format though the payment will increase depending on the number of people you have added.

If you are a citizen of Germany, you can apply for a visa on arrival after arriving at the airport. You will need to have your documents with you, along with the fee for the visa.

A Transit visa is very different than other visas, it does not let you go out of the airport after arriving in Egypt and it will only allow you to tour around the airport.

The transit Visa can be applied for through an embassy.



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