Egypt Visa for Australian citizens

Visiting Egypt

Being famous for being a fantastic tourist site, Egypt captivates the minds of many travellers who travel there. Having almost every bliss to offer, Egypt is no less than the world's top 10 countries to visit and it is ranked number 9. If you are a citizen of Australia, and Egypt has grasped your interest, you should visit Egypt when you have time. Now that Egypt has categorized Australia as a country that is eligible for an e-Visa to visit Egypt, going to Egypt has become easier.

With fame of Egypt getting even more on the rise in these years, more than 9000 Australians have visited Egypt in just 2018. With so many amazing sights to see, Egypt has the great pyramid of Giza, the pharaohs, and many ancient artefacts in their world-famous museums.

If you are a citizen of Australia and you have decided to visit Egypt, you should check out the types of Egypt visas available for your country, and the documents that will be required to request a visa.

Types of Egypt Visas that are available for Australian citizens

With the e-Visa on the rise in the world, Egypt also has launched its system of e-Visa. Even the government of Egypt encourages e-Visa to tourists and travelers, or anyone that wishes to visit Egypt. Tourists are encouraged to apply through the online portal and request an e-Visa instead of the traditional method of applying for a visa by the government of Egypt.

Egypt e-Visa.

The e-Visa is a newly launched visa by the government of Egypt, it allows the citizens of Australia, along with 43 other countries to apply for the visa online. Because the e-Visa is easy to apply for, it takes up less time to apply, and get issued which gives you more time to prepare for your trip. The Egypt e-Visa fee for the e-Visa for Australian citizens wishing to visit Egypt is less than normal visa-type fees.

Egypt Regular Visa.

The normal type of visa has many types ranging from different duration of stays. The normal visa form is usually applied through the consulate and embassy of Egypt which is located in Australia. The normal type of visa will require you to submit your documents and information in the format of a hard copy.

You should only apply for a normal type of visa if you are applying for a work visa, student Visa, accompanying a relative Visa, medical treatment visa, diplomatic Visa, or any Visa that requires you to stay in the country of Egypt for more than 30 days.

Egypt Work Visa.

If you have been selected to work for a company that is situated in Egypt then you apply for a work visa. The work visa lets you in the country for the amount of time you will be employed by the said organization or company. The work visa can let you stay in the country for up to five years.

Egypt Student Visa.

With a student visa, you can study in Egypt. You can only apply for the student visa after you have passed the selection round and proceeded to get the admission ticket from the institution you wish to be studying at. The student visa lets you stay in the country for the time you need for completing the courses that you have applied for.

Accompanying a relative Egypt Visa.

If you are the mother, father, child, or spouse of a person that is working in Egypt then you can apply for this Visa which will let you stay with them for as long as they are in Egypt.

Egypt Business or invest Visa.

If you plan on opening or launching a business, or simply investing in one, then you will need to apply for this Visa. You will need to submit additional documents along with the normal documents required for the visa.

Egypt Medical Treatment Visa.

With a medical treatment visa, you can come to Egypt to get medical assistance.

Egypt Tourist Visa.

Although it is preferred to apply for an Egypt Tourist e-Visa, the tourist visa offers the same benefits and is issued to those that are willing to travel to Egypt for tourism purposes.

Egypt Transit Visa.

The Egypt transit Visa is used for transitioning in between flights or requesting a visa on arrival. The transit Visa is not applied to tourism, as it will not let you exit the airport.

Egypt Visiting a relative Visa.

Visiting a relative Visa is used for when you need to visit someone that is accommodated in Egypt. You will need to provide the contact information such as the phone number and home address of the person you wish to visit.

Applying for the Visa for Egypt.

When you are applying for a Visa or e-Visa for Egypt, you will be asked to submit two types of fees, the government fee a, and the service fee. The service fee determines what type of mode of visa process you want.

There are three modes of visa application procedures for a visa, they are normal, urgent, and super urgent. These three types of modes of procedures the Visas have different payment fees according to their requirements.

Normal visa issuance: Normal visa issuance means that you will receive your issuance of visa during the normal amount of time which is 10-15 business days.

Urgent visa issuance: Urgent visa issuance means that you will receive your Visa in 7-10 business days after you have applied for the Visa for Egypt.

Super urgent Visa issuance: Super urgent visa issuance means that you will receive your Visa in a timespan of 5-7 business days after you have applied for the Visa for Egypt.

Single entry visa or multiple entry visas?

Egypt Single entry visa.

The single entry visa will permit you to visit the country of Egypt one time after your Visa has been issued, you remain in Egypt for up to 30 days as much as your Visa has allowed you to. You can not exit and re-enter Egypt with the visa, if you wish to do that, you will need to apply for the Visa again.

Egypt Multiple entry Visa.

The multiple entry visa will permit you to visit Egypt multiple times as you want until the duration of your stay is maxed out, or your Visa has expired. The multiple entry visa is beneficial to those that wish to travel for mercenary, or business intentions.

To submit an application form that has a low chance of getting rejected, you should provide all the right information required, and double-check it for correction, you should check if you have all the documents required for the Visa ready.

You will need the following documents and information to apply for a visa to Egypt as an Australian citizen.

  • All blanks on the form of the visa must be duly filled with the correct information. Any wrong information provided on the form can lead to the rejection of the visa. Make sure you have checked the information you have provided on the form for the visa for Egypt.
  • You should check your best mode of payment and submit the visa fee accordingly to the instructions provided on the form. If your payment fails to reach the embassy, or you have not submitted it, your Visa form will not be submitted.
  • Your passport should be from Australia. Your passport information will be required on the form for the visa. Your passport should have at least two blank pages left, and it should not be expiring in the next six months. Your passport number and date of issuance and expiry will need to be provided on the form.
  • Your ID card number, full name, date of birth, the ID card's date of issuance, and expiry will be needed to be provided for the form.
  • Your contact information such as your home and work address, phone number, and email will be needed to be provided for the form.
  • Your bank statement will be needed for the form. You will need to have an active bank account, and a credit or debit card to pay the fee for the visa.
  • If you are applying for a work or student Visa, your education documents and other authorized certificates will be needed to be provided upon submitting the form.
  • Even if you are a minor, or you are an adult Australian citizen that is planning on visiting Egypt with a minor on an e-Visa, you should keep in mind that the child will also need to have their e-Visa issued.

As long as you have all these conditions set by the government of Egypt fulfilled, you will not be facing any issues in the application process of your request for a Visa to Egypt.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you need a visa to go to Egypt even if you are a citizen of Australia.

You can request an e-Visa online, before your trip to Egypt so you will not have to stand in queue and wait for your turn for getting the issuance of a visa on arrival.

You can apply for a Transit visa for Egypt, but you will need to apply for a visa on arrival again when you have reached the country because this transit Visa will not permit you to go out of the airport in Egypt.

Yes, you can request a visa on arrival in Egypt. Cairo's airport is not the only airport that facilitates giving visas, any airport in Egypt has the authority to issue a visa on arrival.

After you have arrived at the airport which is located in any city in Egypt, you will need to find an immigration counter, there the officer will hand you a form which you will have to fill out thoroughly. After you have filled out the form, check for any mistakes, and submit the documents required in the form, you will need to submit the visa fee with it as well. After the process of the visa, you will be issued a visa.

There are about three ways you can apply for a visa for Egypt which are e-Visa, visa, and visa on arrival.

The e-Visa is the most used method because of its smooth and time-efficient process, it also takes very less time to get issued.

The visa takes up some time to get issued and you have to go to the embassy and submit all the documents and fees manually. It takes about 10-30 days to get issued.

You can request a visa on arrival after you have arrived at an airport that is located in Egypt. Visa on Arrival also requires you to manually submit your documents and fees.

The average fee for the Visa on arrival is 25 USD for a single entry.

All types of visas come in two formats, Single entry visas, and multiple-entry visas. Both of these types of visas have a different amount of fee, which depends on your length of stay in Egypt too.

What type of mode of the process you are asking for matters too, for example, if you have requested an urgent process visa or a super urgent process visa then you will be charged more than the average fee for the Visa since they will be issued in a lesser time than the normal visa.

Yes, the transit Visa will require you to manually submit your form and documents to the embassy or consulate that is located in your city in Australia.

A Transit Visa can not be issued online or on arrival, you need to submit its form manually. The transit Visa only permits you to stay for 48 hours in Egypt. The transit Visa will not let you exit the airport in Egypt.

The e-Visa is issued in the form of a pdf. The e-Visa gets sent to the applicant in the email, that the applicant has provided on the form.

The e-Visa can be shown to the counter in the form of a printed copy in a black and white format. You can also keep a soft copy of it on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.



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