Egypt Visa for Colombia Citizens

Colombian citizens who are planning to travel to Egypt are required to obtain a valid visa before their departure. One of the visa options available for Colombian travelers is the Egypt eVisa. This electronic visa allows Colombian citizens to enter Egypt for tourism, business, or transit purposes. The eVisa simplifies the application process, eliminating the need for a physical visa sticker or stamp in the passport.

What is an eVisa for Egypt?

An eVisa for Egypt is an electronic travel authorization that grants Colombian citizens permission to enter and stay in Egypt for a specific period. The eVisa is linked to the traveler's passport electronically and is obtained online before the trip. It serves as a legal document for entry into Egypt, replacing the traditional visa sticker or stamp.

Why is an eVisa required for Colombian citizens traveling to Egypt?

Egypt requires Colombian citizens to have a visa to control the entry of foreign visitors and ensure compliance with immigration regulations. The eVisa system streamlines the application process, making it more convenient and efficient for Colombian travelers to obtain their visa authorization before traveling to Egypt.

Can Colombian citizens apply for an Egypt eVisa online?

Yes, Colombian citizens can apply for an Egypt eVisa online. The online application process allows travelers to complete and submit their visa applications electronically, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or consulate in person. This convenient method saves time and effort for Colombian travelers.

Egypt e-Visa Requirements for Colombia Citizens

To apply for an Egypt eVisa, Colombian citizens need to meet certain requirements. These requirements for Egypt e-Visa may include:

  • Valid passport: Colombian citizens must have a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining from the date of entry into Egypt.
  • Personal information: Applicants will need to provide their personal details, including full name, date of birth, nationality, and passport information.
  • Purpose of visit: Colombian citizens must specify the purpose of their visit, whether it's for tourism, business, or transit.
  • Accommodation details: Travelers may need to provide information about their intended place of stay in Egypt, such as hotel reservations or an invitation letter from a host.

How can Colombian citizens apply for an eVisa for Egypt?

Colombian citizens can apply for an eVisa for Egypt by following these steps:

  • Visit the website: Access the official website for the Egyptian eVisa application.
  • Fill in the application form: Complete the online Egypt e-Visa application form with accurate and up-to-date information. Provide all required details, including personal information, passport information, purpose of visit, and accommodation details.
  • Pay the visa fee: Process the payment for the eVisa fee using a valid payment method accepted by the website.
  • Submit the application: Double-check all the provided information and submit the application online.
  • Receive the eVisa: Once the application is processed and approved, the eVisa will be sent electronically to the email address provided during the application process.

Egypt e-Visa Application for Colombian Citizens

During the eVisa application process, Colombian citizens will be required to provide the following information:

  • Personal information: Full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, and contact details.
  • Passport information: Passport number, issue date, expiry date, and country of issuance.
  • Purpose of visit: Specify whether the visit is for tourism, business, or transit.
  • Accommodation details: Provide information about the intended place of stay in Egypt, such as hotel reservations or an invitation letter.
  • Passport bio page: Upload a digital passport bio page meeting the specific requirements mentioned on the application website.

What is the processing time for an Egypt eVisa for Colombian citizens?

The processing time for an Egypt eVisa for Colombian citizens can vary depending on the processing option you choose. The standard processing time options are typically as follows:

  • Normal processing: The normal processing time for an Egypt eVisa is usually around 12 business days. This is the standard processing option and is suitable for most travelers who apply for an eVisa in advance.

Additionally, there may be expedited processing options available for an additional fee:

  • Rush processing: The rush processing option is designed for travelers who require faster processing. It usually takes around 9 business days to process the eVisa under this option. Please note that the rush processing option may involve higher fees.
  • Super rush processing: The super rush processing option is the fastest available processing option. It is typically processed within 7 business days, making it suitable for urgent travel situations. Similar to the rush processing option, the super rush option may involve higher fees.

How Will I Receive my Egypt e-Visa from Colombia?

Once the eVisa application is approved, the Egyptian authorities will send the eVisa electronically to the email address provided during the application process. It's essential to check the email regularly, including the spam or junk folder, to ensure the eVisa is received promptly. It is recommended to print a copy of the eVisa to carry during the journey.

How long is an Egypt eVisa valid for Colombian citizens?

The validity of an Egypt eVisa for Colombian citizens may vary. Typically, the eVisa allows for a single entry or multiple entry into Egypt and remains valid for a specific period, such as 90 days, depending on the type of visa and the purpose of the visit. The validity period starts from the date of entry into Egypt.

Cost of Egypt eVisa for Colombian Citizens

The cost of Egypt eVisa for Colombian citizens includes the visa fee, which must be paid during the application process. The fee may vary depending on the visa type, processing time, and additional services, if applicable. It's important to check the Egypt eVisa fee page to determine the current visa fees.

What are the restrictions and limitations associated with an eVisa for Egypt for citizens of Colombia?

The eVisa for Egypt has certain restrictions and limitations for Colombian citizens. These may include:

  • Purpose of visit: The eVisa is typically issued for tourism, business, or transit purposes only. Other activities, such as employment or long-term studies, may require a different type of visa.
  • Duration of stay: The eVisa allows for a specific period of stay in Egypt. It's important to adhere to the authorized duration and not overstay, as it may result in penalties or difficulties with future travel.
  • Multiple entries: Unless specifically indicated, the eVisa generally allows for a Multiple entry into Egypt.
  • Visa extension: The eVisa may not be extended while in Egypt. If an extension of stay is needed, it is advisable to contact the local immigration authorities or embassy before the eVisa expires.

How can Colombian citizens track the status of their eVisa application for Egypt?

Colombian citizens can track the status of Egypt eVisa application for Egypt by accessing the official website where they submitted their application. Most eVisa systems provide a tracking feature that allows applicants to monitor the progress of their application, from submission to approval. By entering the unique application reference number or passport details, applicants can check the status and receive updates on their visa application.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, citizens of Colombia are eligible to apply for an Egypt eVisa. Egypt offers eVisa services to travelers from several countries, including Colombia.

The processing time for an Egypt eVisa can vary, but it typically takes around 12 business days. However, it's advisable to apply well in advance of your planned travel dates to allow for any unforeseen delays.

An Egypt eVisa for Colombian citizens is typically valid for a duration of 90 days from the date of issue. Within this period, you can enter Egypt and stay for a maximum of 30 consecutive days.

No, it is generally not possible to extend your stay in Egypt beyond the maximum duration allowed under the eVisa. If you wish to stay in Egypt for a longer period, you would need to explore other visa options or contact the nearest Egyptian embassy or consulate for further assistance.

With an Egypt eVisa, you are generally permitted to engage in tourism, visit friends or family, or participate in business activities within the scope of the visa. However, certain activities, such as employment, require additional permits or visas. It's important to ensure that your intended activities align with the purpose of your eVisa.

Colombian citizens who wish to visit the Sinai Peninsula, including popular tourist destinations like Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab, can obtain a free entry permission stamp upon arrival at the Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, Nuweiba, or Dahab airports. This entry permission allows you to stay in the Sinai Peninsula for up to 15 days without obtaining a separate visa. However, if you plan to venture outside the Sinai Peninsula, you would still need an Egypt eVisa.



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