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Tel.   : 0020227730109
Fax   : 0020225770165
Email   : [email protected]
Website   : http://www.ambilcairo.esteri.it,

Consular Services:

The Embassy of Italy in Cairo offers a wide range of consular services, including the processing of visas and passports and document legalization. To apply for a new passport, renew your old passport, want to change the particulars on your current passport, or need to report about a lost or damaged passport, book an appointment with the high commission's passport service

These consulate services are listed below:

  • Process passport applications
  • Process visa applications
  • Legalization of documents
  • Issuing emergency travel documents
  • Power of attorney
  • Birth Certificate
  • Application forms
  • Authentication of documents

Granted Visa Types

Visa types granted by Italy are;

  • Italy Tourist Visa
  • Italy Business Visa
  • Italy Employment Visa
  • Italy Journalist Visa
  • Italy Student Visa
  • Italy Medical visa
  • Italy Transit Visa
  • Italy Visa for working with a NGO's registered in India
  • Italy Visa to carry out an internship in India
  • Italy Visa for participating in conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Italy Visa for Performing Artists
  • Italy Visa for Persons of Indian Origin

Please Note:

Visits to the Embassy of Italy in Cairo are strictly by appointment. For specific services, visitors must visit the designated section at the embassy and book an appointment accordingly on the email addresses mentioned above. For instance, if you want to apply for consular services, you should visit the Consular Section. To book an appointment, you can directly mail the high commission or consular email.

Italy and Egypt Relations-

The Italy and Egypt enjoy cordial bilateral relations. The high commission's diplomatic mission's mandate is to forge stronger and closer ties between the two countries. Pursuing bilateral and multilateral cooperation in diverse sectors, including culture, defense, tourism, trade and investments, science and technology, security, and other fields while safeguarding mutual benefits, is vital for their relations. The countries are cooperating to resolve global issues like climate change, piracy, terrorism, cybersecurity, etc. The Italy is the most important source market for tourism in Egypt.

Latest Comments

Dr. Menshawy

I am Egyptian and I got a postdoctoral research grant at University of Calabria. I have been unsuccessful in trying to book an appointment at Almaviva Egypt website to apply for Employment Visa-D. I attempted to book for many times from 28 February 2024 to now and the site always telling me no appointments available. University of Calabria emailed me on May 2nd that they would not wait any longer and that, if I was not able to get the Visa and start working on the research project on June 1st, 2024 they would cancel the position. I would be grateful if you could help me for getting the required Visa as soon as possible.

John Rhodes

I am a UK Citizen and my wife is an Egyptian National. We have booked a holiday in Rome next month. However my wife has been unsuccessful in trying to book an appointment at Almaviva in Cairo to submit her application for a Schenegen Tourist C Visa. I would be extremely grateful if you could assist in securing the required Visa application appointment as soon as possible.

Dr Tarek Abdel Barr

I applied for a business visa on March 28th to attend medical conference in Venice that's due next week. I got no answer till this moment. Appreciate your kind help

Dr Emad Soliman

I am American and would like to take my wife, Egyptian to Italy for a business trip and can’t get an appointment, appreciate your help

Haitham Tawfik

I want to take an appointment to legalize my documents and i am tryin for aweek on VFS site and always telling me no appointments available



Ruth Ann Stella Vogel

Hallo I would like to ask for the list of Documents that are requirements for eligabilty through ancentry. My greatgrandfather is Italien.

Hamda Mohamed

I need an appointment I can't arrive I'm in Egypt I need you to help please and I have the sheet nolle osta thanks in advance

Ms Hendricks

Good evening, I would like to travel to Italy from the 22nd December 2023 to 8th January 2024. However, I am unable to get an appointment with VFS global or Almaviva. Could you please assist in this matter as I am unsure how to get the visa and worried that the time will become too short for processing.

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